Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky Windows 29

Publicado em: 09/10/2023
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Bitdefender Vs. Kaspersky Windows 29

It’s difficult to discern which is better at malware detection. Both programs scored well in our tests. We prefer Kaspersky due to its outstanding false positive rates as well as its more sophisticated understanding of what is malware and what’s not. In the most recent round of AV-Comparatives’ testing, for instance, it was able to detect 99.6% of the malware tested, and it only detected four false positives. Bitdefender did catch 99.2% and raised 12 false positives in the November/December 2021 and September/October tests.

Kaspersky provides more options for customization than Bitdefender. This is especially true in the firewall section where you can modify connections and profiles for your network. You can also vpn reddit free block ports and assign an exception to certain programs. Comparatively, Bitdefender only has a handful of customizable sliders and doesn’t offer anything as advanced as Kaspersky’s.

Both suites are easy to install, and both have simple interfaces. Both suites have multiple ways to scan your PC. You can perform a simple scan for the most common locations where malware is detected or a comprehensive system scan that will search for threats in every file and programs on your computer.

Both suites offer decent customer service and are quick to respond to problems. Kaspersky has a forum for users to share their issues and seek help from each other, while Bitdefender provides support via email and phone. It’s a small difference but it demonstrates that Bitdefender values their customers and will take the time to assist them out.