Etiquette for Asian bridal guests

Publicado em: 08/12/2023
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Weddings are a testament to love and commitment, and they frequently feature conventions and customs from the couple’s tradition. There are a number of dos and do n’ts that are crucial for guests to know for Asian weddings.

It’s acceptable to wear pale, purple, and peach at a Chinese wedding, but it’s best to avoid wearing white or black because they’re customarily worn at funerals and represent death and mourning. Wearing a dress or suit that is too quick and exposes very little body is also impolite.

It’s typical for the honeymooners to give their guests an angpow or cash envelope in understanding and thanks for being there at Asiatic weddings. Although the volume varies, it’s a good idea to ask the couple how much money they want you to provide and to try to meet or complement this amount.

It’s important to consider to elevate your cup for a toast with the pair as you leave at the end of the nighttime and bid them your final farewells. You’ll want to wish them a long and prosperous relationship at the very least.

The drink festival is another tradition that needs to be kept in mind. The bride and groom will serve chai to members of their families and close buddies at the chai gathering. It frequently occurs at the end of the wedding reception as a way to honor their older sibling.