Private Equity Fund Raising Deals

Publicado em: 18/10/2023
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Private equity fund raising deals can be a difficult (but crucial) part of starting an investment company. To locate LPs and reach your goals, you need to make use of your network. This requires deliberate relationship-management using the appropriate techniques and tools.

For a private equity firm, LPs are the investors who invest in your fund using committed capital. LPs are typically large institutional investors, like pension funds, endowments and mutual funds. Sometimes they are wealthy families or individuals seeking a return on investment in a private equity. In addition, some LPs are funds-offunds that have the funds to invest in a range of private equity funds. They are able to help you build a diversified portfolio of alternative investments.

You must meet a set of requirements in order to be a LP. Generally speaking, LPs require an investment strategy that is compatible with yours, a track-record in a similar strategy, and the commitment to invest. They will also want you to have an understanding of how the fund operates and be able to explain the reason why it is worth investing in.

To maximize the value of your LP relationships it is recommended to have your legal team write the offering memorandum, partnership terms and subscription agreement before you begin to search for potential LPs. It’s also a good thing to review your internal investor relations capabilities and think about hiring an agent to place your offer.