Turning Data Into Actionable Analytics

Publicado em: 08/10/2023
Autor: yeti lab
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Many companies accumulate a lot of data, but aren’t sure what to do with it. It’s easy to gather data but it requires smart people to translate that data into meaningful knowledge. This can be a daunting job especially considering that the three rapidly changing technologies of mobile, social and big data create massive amounts of raw data that must be parsed for insight.

There are a few important strategies that will help your company turn more insights into action. To begin, ensure that the right people are aware of your knowledge. In most cases, insights are only relevant if they affect the right people or teams for instance, an email that demonstrates growth in sales in one area may not be as valuable to an order fulfillment team as it would be to a C-suite member.

Another approach is to use predictive analytics useful content to play around with the various levers of your data model to see what impact they will have. This will allow you to be more precise in the actions you have to take. Predictive analytics are used by businesses to evaluate the effect of increasing the quantity of emails sent out to a certain segment on conversions.

You can also make use of natural language processing to find out what your customers want to know. You can then develop resources that answer these queries and make them available to your customers so they can solve their own issues.