Virtual Data Room Pricing

Publicado em: 18/10/2023
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Utilizing virtual data rooms as part of M&A due diligence saves money as it eliminates the requirement to pay for reviewers to travel between offices and makes it simpler to exchange large volumes of confidential documents. It allows buyers to examine documents at their own pace, and reduces the time needed to complete due diligence. However, it is crucial to evaluate the cost of a VDR before making a decision on which one to use.

Pricing for virtual data rooms can vary dramatically between different vendors. For instance, some utilize a per page price structure that can range from $0.40 and $0.85 per document. This is a good choice for smaller projects that need a small number of documents, but won’t work for large-scale projects that require hundreds or thousands of pages.

Some vendors base their pricing on the size of the storage space or the number of users permitted to access the space. Some companies offer a specific amount of storage at a fixed price and charge a fee in case you exceed the limit. Others allow unlimited storage with a flat-rate monthly cost. This is the preferred option since you can scale up or decrease the amount of storage required without incurring additional costs.

Additionally, it is worth taking a look at the features in each pricing plan. Some providers offer full client management, which is essential when working with investors or clients outside of your organization. This can also protect your confidential data. These capabilities aren’t expensive, but they can save you money by preventing costly miscommunications and disputes concerning access rights.

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