What to Include on Your Board Meeting Agenda

Publicado em: 18/10/2023
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An agenda for board meetings is the document that defines the topics to be discussed, voted on and adopted at the next meeting. Creating an effective agenda for your board requires a deep understanding of the organization’s needs and the preferences of the members. It is a document which should be designed in conjunction with other members to ensure that the highest quality information, engagement and efficiency are achieved.

At the top of your board meeting agenda should be a clear and concise call to order and then the secretary of the board reading the minutes from the previous meeting. This allows everyone to understand what their position is in relation to previous discussions and decisions and lets them be able to jump into new topics faster.

This section of your agenda for board meetings is where the most prominent names of the room will share important updates on a variety of topics. Depending on your company structure the reports could come from the executive director or finance director, or even from the program committee. Board members can also ask questions regarding these reports or any other news relevant to them.

This is the final location where your board can set aside time to discuss any new issues or business they would like to bring up. This is an ideal time to announce special announcements, send congratulatory messages or shout-outs. The facilitator at your meeting will boardchatroom.com announce the date of the next meeting.